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Verifyoo being announced as the 1st place winner of the MassChallenge Comet Competition 2019

Behavioral-Print DrawID

Verifyoo captures a unique Behavioral-Print based on user interaction with a mobile device



High Risk Login

Maximum security using two factors: Possession and inherent, combined with server-side verification

Step-Up Authentication

Additional layer of security according to the estimated risk level, using Verifyoo’s flexible verification engine

Account Recovery

Cross-device verification for easy account recovery and activities where the user does not have access to the registered device

Transaction Authorization

Use the transactions details to construct a unique challenge for each session and protect sensitive operations from fraudsters

Why Use Verifyoo?

Maximize transactions

Improved verification to match the risk level, without the need to memorize passwords, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing friction

Minimize fraud

Based on non-transferable features such as finger movement and pressure. Random challenge at each verification prevents imitation and replay attacks

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Reduce operational cost by cutting down the number of helpdesk calls linked to password resets, lower cost of ownership compared to expensive OTPs and tokens

GDPR Compliance

Does not utilize sensitive biometric data, requires user consent in verification process. Based on revocable data in case of identity theft or data leakage

Scalable Security

Verification process is customized to match between the effort required from the user and the current risk level, to provide the ultimate user experience

Device agnostic

Solution is completely agnostic to the device model, is not bound to a specific device, supports both client and server based verification

Solution Highlights

Provide your customers the ultimate user experience

Superior User Experience

Users are not required to memorize cumbersome passwords

Improved Security

Using invisible features and random challenges in every session

Keeps User Privacy

Using non-intrusive revocable features, no usage of physical body-parts

Not Bound To Device

Cross-device support, verify from any device, any time, anywhere


Banking & Payments

Enable your customers simpler and safer access to their accounts from any device, while reducing total operational cost


Provide your customers simpler access to their online insurance services and fight online insurance fraud

Crypto Wallets

Provide your customers easy and secure access to their CryptoCurrency Wallets, without memorizing pins or passwords


Provide your eGovernment service users simpler safer access, without storing any sensitive intrusive data


Protect sensitive medical records and eHealthcare services and provide secure access only to authorized individuals


Provide your users safer, more convenient access to their on-line gaming accounts and eliminate unnecessary hurdles


Roy Dalal

Co-Founder & CEO

Roy has over 15 years of experience in the software development field, including serving as the security-lead of a large enterprise cyber-security firm and managing the development and implementation of highly critical systems in the IDF. Roy holds a BSc in computer science and an MBA from Bar Ilan University.

Dr. Rafi Chen

Co-Founder & CTO

Dr. Rafi Chen is a researcher in the field of cryptography and security. He has BSc in electrical engineering (Technion), MSc in industrial engineering (Ben-Gurion university) and PhD in computer science (Technion) in the field of cryptography. Dr. Chen is well known for his work on cryptanalysis of cryptographic hash functions.

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